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Have you ever experienced trauma; a life event or event that was very disturbing and distressful to you?

Whether drama or trauma, are you tired of living in captivity to the pain of the past and to other people's mess? 

If you have, you would agree that the experience, whether recent or years ago, was very real to you.

If you have, you would agree that your finances, relationships, health, mind, and/or spirituality were negatively impacted.

If you have, that trauma has kept you on a wild, and at times uncontrollable, roller-coaster ride of intense, emotions, pain and memories.

Maybe you wouldn't call those stressful and problematic situations, that trouble you traumatic, but definately unwanted drama for sure.

1) Are you ready for inner healing?

2) Are you ready to thrive and really be a live; not just function?

3) Are you ready to experience peace and have more emotional stability during season changes, holidays, visits, and interactions with certain people?

Do you want to Conquer the Pain of Trauma and Drama?
Then this new 3 hour intense live online course on Sat. Nov 11th from 11-2pm is just for you!

"Unchained: Conquer the Pain of Trauma and Drama with Inner Healing"
Online Course Pricing

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Live Online Course
$ 25

In this course you will learn:

  1. What trauma is and it's impacts
  2. How to identify areas of trauma and drama in your life that need to be addressed and the impacts to your life
  3. Several strategies to uncover, address, overcome, and move forward from the areas of trauma and drama currently impacting you
    1. Yes, you can Unchain and Conquer the Pain of Trauma and Drama!

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Live Online Course
30 Minute Follow-Up Session
$ 65

This intensive three-hour live online course is the same amazing course offered in tier one...

PLUS: A personal 30-Minute Follow-Up session via phone. This is a time for you to receive personal prayer, ask questions related specifically to your experiences, and recieve counsel to begin your journey to break free!

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Live Online Course
60 Minute Follow-Up Session
including Custom
Freedom Strategy Plan™
$ 95

For the person looking to really go in depth and break free once and for all, this tier includes the three-hour live online course, along with...

A 60-Minute Follow-Up session via phone to deep dive into your experiences to help set you free.

PLUS: this tier includes custom Freedom Strategy Plan advice, in which we determine the areas of your life that need to be strengthened, and provide tips and strategy to make sure any open doors are closed, and your Freedom is long-lasting!

"This class has just
changed my life...totally."

We have hundreds of freedom testimonies from people of all different backgrounds, levels of understanding, and walks of life. We have maintained the highest rating of 5 stars on our Facebook Fan Page since the launch of our Journey For Freedom courses several months ago.

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Course Teachers

Antoine and Kimberlyn McNutt are much sought after freedom strategists and deliverance ministers.

They collectively have spent hundreds of hours ministering and tackling issues of the soul with people from various industries, ethnicities, leadership levels, and socio-economic backgrounds; via training, counseling, coaching, and the ministry of deliverance.

Antoine and Kimberlyn are the Founders of "Journey For Freedom" which provides; online and in person inner healing deliverance courses and deliverance ministry nights.

Together they seek to provide practical teaching on how to break free from bondages, sin, and curses and enter into perfect prosperity, perfect protection, and perfect peace through our signature "Hedge of God" principles.

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