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Journey For Freedom Academy is 5 star rated and we have been 5 star rated since inception 3 years ago. Please visit www.Facebook.com/JourneyForFreedom.org to review the 100+ testimonies & reviews. 

We offer private online & in person courses, ministry nights, life coaching services, team trainings, & social media teachings all focused on helping participants to live in greater freedom from bondages such as; rejection, addiction, depression, trauma, unforgiveness, shame rejection, etc.

Access Granted: Self Study Online Bundle Overview

The Access Granted: Principles of the Hedge course is; foundational to all of our teachings, life transforming, highly valued & highly rated by prior participants. We would love to have you join us as we share on how you can accomplish the full measure of the peace, provision, protection, & breakthrough that God has for you, your family, & all that concerns you. Please scroll down further to be encouraged by some of the testimonials included below from participants in our prior Access Granted classes.

The Access Granted: Self Study Online Bundle 

This Access Granted Self Study Bundle:

》Includes 22 on-demand 5 Star rated powerful teachings (see outline below)

》Includes 20 reflection exercises to enhance your learning, deliverance, healing, and breakthroughs during this course

》45 Days of Unlimited Access

》Is 100% accessible and available online, with internet access

》 Is 100% available via phone or computer regardless of country or national location, within the online Journey For Freedom Academy student module

If you have a question that has not been answered above, please email us at info@journeyforfreedom.

Access a great level of peace, wealth, deliverance,  & breakthrough in your life now!!

Access Granted Course Testimonials

This ministry deserves and I absolutely give it a 5 star rating for sure ☆☆☆☆☆. I had the awesome  opportunity  to participate in the Access Granted  class in July 2019. I was initially taking the class because I felt the leading of the Lord and wanted to be obedient, but God knew he was leading me into the greater.  This course striped me in a good way.  It forced me to face some hard realities and fears, but also shedded so much light on my Access to Freedom. So ultimately God gently guided me to the Access point He has always had available for me, but I was complicating things so I couldn't see it let alone obtain it. Kimberlyn's bold approach to the truths in Gods word along with her Keen Prophetic Advantage helped me to see God's keys to the Door, the Access he has already granted me as His child and this The road on my Journey to Freedom. KIMBERLYN AND JOURNEY FOR FREEDOM THANK YOU SO MUCH. 

 The scripture rings true  Whom the Son sets free is FREE INDEED Freedom feels so good. I would recommend this course to ANYONE because the information and the insight provided by this ministry through this course is unmatched.  Blessings Journey for freedom.

-Avis Porter

There was a tremendous outpouring of revelation, in depth teaching and the glory of God was present week after week in the Access Granted course.  I am grateful for Kimberlyn's transparency. The Lord used her to personally stretch, challenge and encourage me to learn and apply life changing principles.  Her energy, passion and ability to teach with clarity was amazing.  Everything was backed by scripture.  I was left encouraged to continue my journey of applying the principles learned, identify and overcome anything that would hinder me accessing all that has been granted.  It is God's pleasure to give us the Kingdom.

-Toni M

Blessings on You Team McNutt! Just wanted to give testimony of the impact this phenomenal class has been to me!I believe that “Access Granted” is a class every Believer needs to take to have a comprehensive understanding of our inheritance in the Kingdom! The extensive topics addressed really challenged me to think critically. It strongly encouraged me to immerse myself in God’s presence to get the full revelation of the indestructible hedge God set up for me. It further helped me tap into insight into areas where I knowingly or unknowingly let the hedge become vulnerable. This life-changing course equipped me with the tools I needed to start achieving significant freedom in every area of my life. The prophetic Words spoken over my life confirmed things God had been speaking to me about. This further ignited my commitment to abide in His presence to pursue my Divine purpose! THANK SO MUCH for allowing the Lord to use you to prepare me to maximize these precious moments! May the Lord make you'all 1,000 times more than you are! 100-fold on your precious seeds sown!Blessings on you’all! 

-Andre W.

Hello again Kimberlyn, I must say, that the Access Granted Class was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! I’ve hurt for so long, and always saying to God, that “there has to be more to life than this!” Well I’ve finally found out through the Access Granted class, 5a.m. prayers, and various teachings, that “there is more to life than my past experiences.” Thank you so much for your pouring out Kimberlyn and for allowing the Lord to use you tremendously! I shall continue to listen for as long as I can and apply the principles for a much better life!

-Dorothy Powell

Hello Kim before I started this class. I was in a very deep depression. I didn't understand what was going on in my life. I felt like the Lord hated me. Then finally I think the Lord could see I was ready to just tap out. It all started with the 5am prayers which led to the access granted class and everything changed. My relationship with Christ will never be the same. I feel motivated to seek him and talk with him and love him. I understand now that he does love me and that he doesn't hate me and that he has so much more he wants to reveal to me about himself. I don't even have the words to explain how amazing this class has been to me. It has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I feel like I have a new life and a new mind. My life has been changed forever!!! 

-C. Perkins

The access granted class shifted my heart and mind.  This class answered questions that I had since I was a young girl. I will never be the same! Her passion for the truth of God’s word and for you to know it is big and  her compassion for God’s people is beautiful to experience.

- Ilya Golden

If anyone is interested in living God's best and in His Abundance, they need to take the Access Granted Class.  The weekly video and corresponding homework are all done in such excellence and professionalism.   I would say they speak to all levels of spirituality 

-Jackie H

Access a great level of peace, wealth, deliverance,  & breakthrough in your life now!!

Access Granted:Course Curriculum

Class Rules, Disclaimer, Overview & Beginning Prayer Before We Begin

Access Granted- Principles, Promises, and Provision of God's Hedge

Access Granted: Open Doors (Satan's Grand Counter Attack)

Access Granted: The Principle of the Hedge Wrap Up and Summary

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Access a great level of peace, wealth, deliverance, & breakthrough in your life now!!

About the Instructors

Journey For Freedom Founders

Antoine & Kimberlyn McNutt

Antoine and Kimberlyn McNutt are much sought after freedom strategists and deliverance ministers.They collectively have spent hundreds of hours ministering and tackling issues of the soul with people from various industries, ethnicities, leadership levels, and socio-economic backgrounds; via training, counseling, coaching, and the ministry of deliverance. Antoine and Kimberlyn are the Founders of "Journey For Freedom" which provides; online and in person inner healing deliverance courses and deliverance ministry nights. Together they seek to provide practical teaching on how to break free from bondages, sin, and curses and enter into perfect prosperity, perfect protection, and perfect peace through their signature "Hedge of God" principles.