Kimberlyn and Antoine are Co-founders of Journey for Freedom Ministry which includes Journey For Freedom Academy. Antoine and Kimberlyn McNutt are much sought after freedom strategists and deliverance ministers. They have collectively spent hundreds of hours ministering and tackling issues of the soul with people; from all levels, markets, ethnic backgrounds, and walks of life. 

The work of Journey For Freedom seeks to use; practical online and in person Christian based 'freedom courses', individualized coaching services, and ministry nights, to teach participants how to break free from bondages, sin, and curses and enter into God's desire of perfect prosperity, perfect protection, and perfect peace for us all. Journey For Freedom has maintained a 5 star service rating since it's launch. 

In 2017 Antoine and Kimberlyn, hosted over 15 JFF classes on topics of shame, unforgiveness, rejection, generational family dysfunction, the principles of God's hedge, etc. In Dec. 2017 due to high demand for the option of personalized private sessions, we expanded our services to include individualized coaching packages for; women with Kimberlyn McNutt, men with Antoine McNutt, and couples with both Antoine and Kimberlyn McNutt. 

Our coaching packages are flexible and the sessions are designed to meet your individual needs. Additionally, our approach is holistic; our sessions include a combination of coaching, teaching, prayer, deliverance, and inner healing techniques to help you gain maximum freedom  This coaching package includes one month of personalized weekly coaching sessions (4- 1 hour weekly one on one sessions).

Additional Bio. Information: Kimberlyn McNutt holds over 15 years experience developing, inspiring, and guiding people throughout her professional career as a director, consultant and adviser to top tier and large scale; companies, organizations, initiatives, programs, and teams. 

Antoine also holds over 15 years experience in various capacities and leadership roles in the field of social service providing support, advocacy, and life coaching services to troubled youth, young adults, and families who have had long patterns of participation in and/or exposure to self destructive circumstances; i.e. abandonment, poverty, broken family situations, drugs, alcoholism, violence, gang activity, etc. Prior to Antoine played in NFL and NFLE until injury forced his departure.

Antoine and Kimberlyn have 4 children and have been married 10 years.

Is your mind constantly tormented by what 'they' - think, feel and want for your life'?

 Are you having a hard time separating from family, a person, group, and/or system who you know have been harmful to you but you somehow feel bound to still be around?

Did you experience a trauma as an adult or child ( i.e. divorce, foreclosure, loosing a loved one, terminal illness, being abandoned, physical violence, vicious slander, sexual violence) that you can't seem to stop thinking about and/ or get over?

 Are you ready to move on & experience true love but you can't seem to let go or stop thinking about the last person/s you were with?

 If you can relate to either of these scenarios, our Breaking Free From Dangerous Soul Ties class is for you.

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